Take advantage of our specialized Polish-English dictionary OFFSHORE WIND. Our dictionary is in glossary form and contains the translation of over 1000 terms concerning offshore wind energy.

Who is the dictionary addressed to?

To representatives of the public sector, energy companies, design and consulting firms, law firms, as well as translators and all other companies tied to the offshore wind industry.

How to use the dictionary?

The dictionary is a search engine. You can select a language combination (from Polish to English or from English to Polish) and then search for a given term in the source language and display its translation in the target language.

Who are we?

The Offshore Wind dictionary was created by Bireta Professional Translations, a leader on the Polish technical translation market, in cooperation with ILF Consulting Engineers Polska engineering, design and consulting company who has taken on the substantive patronage over the dictionary and verified the terms within it.

Where did the idea to create a dictionary come from?

The power sector is one of Bireta's main translation specializations. We have very extensive experience in translations relating to wind energy, both onshore and offshore. We know how important specialized nomenclature is in this industry. That is why we decided to create a dictionary that will unify the terminology used in this industry.

Why are the benefits of using the dictionary?

First of all, being sure that the specialized vocabulary you use is consistent with the accepted industry standard. What use the vocabulary provided in the glossary ourselves daily. Therefore we can guarantee its accuracy. Bireta Professional Translations has been involved in wind energy investments for many years, supporting that sector with translations. Whereas ILF Consulting Engineers Poland (content patronage) is an expert in the field of energy and climate protection and has been actively involved in wind energy development on the Baltic Sea since 2018.

The glossary will be updated bi-annually. We will continually add new terms, so you can be sure you are always using the most current terminology.



Bireta Professional Translations is one of the largest translation companies in Poland. Since the beginning of its operations, it has been specializing in translations for the power sector. BIRETA is involved in projects including Baltic I, Baltic II and Baltic III offshore wind farms.



ILF Consulting Engineers Poland is one of the leading design and consulting firms, involved in major projects in Poland.
ILF Poland has been actively involved in the development of wind energy in the Baltic Sea since 2018 and currently, in its portfolio, holds approx. 20 projects in this area, including services for the Baltica-2 and Baltica-3 wind farm construction investments for PGE Baltica.

Thanks to this cooperation we have created the first Polish-English dictionary of offshore wind energy terms on the Polish market, which sets the standard for offshore nomenclature in Poland.

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